Frequently Asked Questions

New Vistors

What makes Pix Perfect such a unique art experience?

Unlike most online shops, our art kits offer an experience that allows YOU to be the artist. And, because our software allows us to customize your art kit to the photo or image of your choice, no two art pieces are alike! Your Pix Perfect creation is unique to you and only you! Our sophisticated design software also allows you to “test out” different photos and/or sizes to determine what will produce the best result – all prior to purchase. And while our art kits are perfect for those do-it-yourselfers and crafty-types, we can also offer for an additional fee the service of handcrafting your exclusive design for you. At Pix Perfect we help you to create a truly “moving” piece of art that you can proudly display in your home or business. And because our panels are 1’ x 1’, the design sizes are unlimited. You can create artwork as small as 2’x2’ to a size large enough to fit an entire wall. The choice is yours! Please read about our commitment to you and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our terms of service and terms of use. And as always, if you have a question about a gift, or need some ideas for your favorite photos, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a printed catalog?

At the moment we do not offer a printed catalog but if you do not have access to our website images please contact customer service at and we will see how we can help.

Do you have customer testimonials?

Yes, and we encourage you to read what our customers have to say about their Pix Perfect experience on our Customer Testimonials page. Coming Soon.

How do I contact customer service to discuss my project?

Please initiate contact with customer service by emailing us at We will ensure that your inquiry is routed to the correct team and responded to promptly. We provide a fast and personalized service from start to finish and reply to any emails within hours.

Where is Pix Perfect located?

Pix Perfect is a registered LLC which is co-located with our fulfillment center in Macomb Twp, Michigan, U.S.A.

Photo Uploading

Which photos work best?

For creating your own custom piece with our pixelator, the ideal picture is a headshot of the person, pet or a close up of the object if you are looking for great detail. Colorful cartoon images and famous paintngs translate beautifully as well.

However, even far-away images can look beautiful on a smaller size if you are less concerned about detail. Remember, this is art! If you wanted an exact reproduction of the photo or image then you wouldn’t be creating art, right?

Most photos can look wonderful if you are willing to try different sizes and cropping techniques. It also depends on how large you want your piece to be. The larger the artwork, the more detail from the image will show. The smaller the artwork, the less detail will show. As a result, we encourage you to try different photos at different sizes before making your final selection. We also suggest that you try cropping your picture with our cropping tool to try different sections of your picture.

As you can see with this example, the photo does not have a lot of detail in the 2’ x 2’ size. It will still look great on a wall that allows viewing from a distance minimally of 6 feet. But, by increasing the size to 4’x4’, the detail becomes remarkable!

2’x2’ size:

4’ x 4’ size:

The best photos to use will have the following characteristic:
Sharpness: Good photos are in focus. Blurry photos will make it hard to capture detail.

Good lighting: The best lighting will come from behind the photographer and its facing subject. Also, try to avoid dark shadows in the face of the subject

Limited to no text: Text can be difficult to read as pixelated art unless the artwork is large enough to provide enough detail. Text can also work nicely if the focus is mainly on the letters, and there is a crisp, clean background. We suggest trying your upload to see for yourself.

Create your own

How do I create my own Pix Perfect?

  1. Select your photo and upload it via the web or your mobile device. Visit the online gallery and store for inspiration if needed.
  2. Crop and zoom your photo as desired.
  3. Select your width and height in feet. The cropped photo will adjust to your selection.
  4. Select whether you would like to view your background color as black or white. Tip: Black works best unless your image is primarily white.
  5. Last step, simply select “Process” and let the Pixelation begin. Then review and order!
  6. If you wish to try another image, select “New” and start at step 1 again.

How long does it take?

The average order is approximately 5-7 business days. We offer expediting shipping if needed.

What payment options do I have?

You can select from the following payment options:
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Assembly Time

How much time will it take to assemble my Pix Perfect?

As with any craft or piece of art – that depends on you! Some people like to take their time while others are eager to see the final result! As a rule of thumb, the average time to assemble a 1’ x 1’ panel is 1-3 hours.


What material are your panels made of?

Our panels are made of lightweight material designed to hang easily with the included screws. Simply remove the sequin pixels located towards the center of the panel momentarily to expose and access the preset nail/screw cavity indicator. If you are having difficulty locating the preset cavities under the sequins, simply flip the panel over and you should see the throughput holes.

How long will my artwork last?

All of our materials are produced using high quality materials. However, as with any artwork we recommend that you hang your artwork away from direct sunlight.

How should I take care of my artwork?

Your Pix Perfect should be treated as you would any piece of fine art. Do not position where it will be near direct sunlight. Do not try to clean with water, glass cleaner, or any other liquids. Use a soft dust brush to gently remove dust only when needed.

Is the material reusable and can I change my picture?

Yes, Pix Perfect was designed with reusability in mind. You can remove pegs and replace them multiple times without damaging the panel. You can also change the sequins as often as you like. We highly encourage you to try our add-on specialty sequins to swap out for some of our traditional sequins.

What makes the pegs special?

Our Pix Perfect pegs are special because each side is designed to produce a different result once your sequin is attached. One side will allow the sequin to freely move, while the other side will keep it “locked’ in place. This is especially useful for creating a piece of artwork where you may want some of the sequins to move and others to not. A great example would be of a nature scene. You may want the leaves on the trees and the stream to “move”, but you want the tree trunks and stones to be still. Simply choose which side of the pin you will you’re your sequin from. And, of course if you would like all of your sequins to move, just have all of your pegs inserted with the free-moving end exposed.

What if I’m experiencing static?

Sometimes this will occur during transport. No worries though, we find over a short period of time that the static works itself out.

What happens if I receive damaged or missing materials?

If your order is damaged in transit, please keep the packaging and its contents and contact us immediately. We will ship a new package to you at no charge and have the courier company pick-up the damaged order. If you are missing components please contact us at and we will ship the missing materials to you at no additional cost next day.


What ages is Pix Perfect appropriate for?

Ages 7 and up! We have customers as young as 8 enjoy assembling their own shiny pieces of art. And, we have customers in their 60’s that enjoy creating something beautiful with their own hands. As long as the assembler has the motor skills to handle sewing or cross-stitching for example, they can most certainly assemble a Pix Perfect. But, because of the small pieces we recommend keeping our product away from the smallest of hands and mouths, unless closely supervised by an adult.

Pix Perfect Parties

What is a Pix Perfect Party?

A Pix Perfect Party is where multiple people gather together to create a single large piece of art. For instance, a group of people may want to create a 3’ x 4’ piece of art as a gift. This would require assembly of 12 1’x1’ panels. A group of 12 could assemble and complete this in a short 2-3 hours. Well, 4 hours if it is a group of ladies sipping wine.

What are some Pix Perfect party ideas?

A Pix Perfect party is perfect for a girls night in, such as a bachelorette party or baby shower. A holiday party would also be a great time to create art as a gift. And, let’s not forget corporate events. A large piece of art for an office lobby or conference room could be created by a team of employees. Just imagine a company logo on a 6’ x 6 space. This too could be created with quickly with a team of just 36 people! And, if you are looking for a great idea for your next child’s birthday party, try Pix Perfect. Instead of the birthday girl or boy’s guests bringing gifts, they can chip in on the assembly to create a beautiful gift. It’s fun, creative and keeps the kids actively engaged.

Order & Re-Ordering

Payment options

You can select from the following payment options:

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover

PayPal: and Amazon Pay.

Gift Certificates

How can I order a Gift Certificate?

Get a Pix Perfect Gift Card and we will FedEx you a-like gift card to be redeemed online for its face value, which runs from $50 to $1000. We will also include a personal note from you to the recipient. If you are short on time, or if you don't want to splurge for rush shipping, we will email you within hours our one of a kind PDF Email Gift Card, which looks just like the real one. (Pix Perfect gift cards are not refundable/redeemable for cash).

Do Gift Cards and Certificates expire?

The Pix Perfect Gift Card never expires. You can use it whenever you want or give it as a gift.

How do I use my Promo Code?

Please enter your Promo code at check out and the discount will be automatically applied.

Special Requests

I have a custom design or request, can you do it?

Is there anything you were thinking about and is not available in the formats that we offer? No problem! We have tried to limit the available options so it would be easier for you to order, but we are open to ALL proposals out there: ask us for custom designs, sizes, assembly quotes and anything else you may need. Just drop us an email at and within one business day we will contact you with a quote.

Return & Guarantee

What is your complete satisfaction guarantee and return policy?

100% Satisfaction: If you do not receive all of the pieces needed to create your work of art, just contact us within 7 days of receipt and we will rush ship you whatever is missing. No questions asked. It is that simple.

What if pieces inside the box are damaged but the shipping box is intact?

If any pieces of your order are damaged, please keep the packaging and its contents and contact us at immediately. We will ship a new package to you at no charge to replace the damaged pieces. Similarly, if you are missing components please contact us at and we will ship the missing materials to you at no additional cost next day.

What if my order is damaged during shipping?

If your order is damaged in transit, please keep the packaging and its contents and contact us immediately. We will ship a new package to you at no charge and have the courier company pick-up the damaged order.

What if pieces inside the box are damaged but the shipping box is intact?

If any pieces of your order are damaged, please keep the packaging and its contents and contact us at immediately. We will ship a new package to you at no charge to replace the damaged pieces. Similarily, if you are missing components please contact us at and we will ship the missing materials to you at no additional cost next day.

Shipping & Tracking

What are the shipping costs?

Pix Perfect shipping varies by purchase and shipping destination. Shipping will calculate at checkout.

How long does it take to ship?

From the day of your purchase it'll take approximately 5-7 business days to package, ship and deliver. (Please keep in mind that Holiday orders and requests for design changes are subject to extended delivery times).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! We ship almost everywhere in the world! Shipping will calculate at checkout.

Do I have to sign for my package?

Pix Perfect ships with FedEx, USPS or any other delivery insured courier. In most cases, you will not have to sign to receive your order: if the courier feels that the delivery address is secure they will leave the package at your door. However, if you wish to have your package delivered after a certain date or request to have the package signed for we will try to accommodate your request.

Security & Privacy

Is your website safe and secure?

Absolutely! At Pix Perfect we utilize a secure server in all the transactions that hold sensitive information. A secure server guarantees the privacy of data transmitted through the Internet, including credit card information, through a SSL protocol that encrypts the information.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All the information gathered through our secure server will be used solely to process your orders. We can as well contact you for future offers and services we might provide, as long as you authorize us to do so. Pix Perfect guarantees not to share any information provided to us in the registration process to any third party company. If you wish to be deleted from our database, please send us an email to

Use of photography and artwork

By submitting your photos and images to Pix Perfect you grant Pix Perfect with permission to use any designs or original photos in company related marketing materials. If you do not wish that we use your photo or design in any marketing materials, please email to us and we will honor your request. You may not use any work or any content owned by someone else without the written permission of the owner of such content. You are solely responsible for any copyright violations that may incur as a result of using our services.

Assembly Instructions

Note: Instructions are also included with every kit.

  1. You'll need a flat, stable area to build your Pix Perfect™ design. The panel(s) you'll be using to hang your sequins are flexible, so an unlevel surface may cause your panel to become bent, which may cause issues when mounting.In all, for your Pix Perfect ™ creation, you'll need:

    A design you want to create
    Pix Perfect™ panel(s)
    Pegs to cover your panel(s)
    Sequins to hang from your pegs

  2. Choose your Pixel Design The possibilities are endless! You could create animals, people, scenic views, a logo and so on. We offer designs to choose from but you can also create your own. The shape of Pix Perfect™ sequins will give the image you are trying to make a pixelated look. This makes Pix Perfect™ ideal for imitating old school video games. Many of these patterns can be found for free online.
    TIP: If you have a larger design in mind, you could use multiple Pix Perfect™ panels together. These can be mounted or hung later, giving you room to create a more detailed image.

  3. Part 1. Before inserting the pegs into your panel, make sure that your panel is the right side up. The correct side is the side where the peg holes are larger. Part 2. Before inserting the pegs into your panel, make sure that your panel is facing in the right direction. Place your panel on a flat surface with the “ᶺ ᶺ ᶺTOPᶺ ᶺ ᶺ” indicator at the top.

    1. Insert Pegs Heads Vertically. Place the pegs into the panel so that the head runs vertically. This will allow your sequins to hang in the correct direction.
    2. Insert correct peg end into panel. Pix Perfect pegs have two different ends. One end allows the sequins to move freely when hung from the peg. The other end will restrict the sequin movement if wind hits it. TIP: This is a great way to limit movement on a portion of your design. (i.e. the leaves on a tree move with the breeze, but the tree trunk does not). The end with the longer nect allows movement, while the end with the shorter neck restricts movement. You can experiment with both sides see how each side works.

  4. Hang Sequins. Once your pegs have been inserted into the panel, begin hanging your sequins to create your design. Sequins should “snap” onto peg easily by applying pressure at a slight angle. If you are following a design by Pix Perfect™, a “map” will be provided to assist you in building your creation.


After your are done building your panel(s) you will be ready to display your masterpiece! You will want to tilt your panel upright and help sequins settle into place. You will also want to reattach any sequins that have fallen while moving upright. Screws have been provided to mount your panels on your desired surface. You may use the existing screw holes or create your own anywhere in the panel to suit your needs. You may also set individual panels on a picture stand for tabletop display. Mounting Canvases can also be purchased in our Bling Expansion Kit or individually.
TIP: If you are building a larger piece, be sure to lay completed panels flat until you are ready to mount or hang them all. Note: Indoor use only.

Helpful Hints

If you are hanging multiple panels to create a larger image, make sure that all panels are lined up firmly so that your design has a seamless look. Failure to do so will show lines between the panels. You may also choose to be creative with how you mount your panels if you do not want to hang directly to your walls. i.e. a canvas reinforced with additional wood so the panels can be screwed in.
TIP: We like to place our Pix Perfect™ pieces near sunlight or indoor lighting to reflect the light. But, to create an even more dramatic effect we sometime place our pieces near a breeze from a nearby open window or a fan. Air movement really helps the sequins catch the light; creating a beautiful visual effect.

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